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A New Year Filled with Sumptuous Gowns and Sparkling Gems

The moment before each model walked the stage I double checked the list I had carefully made of the model, the dress, and of course the jewelry.  Watching as each woman was gently nudged out when it was her time. To help celebrate the Chinese New Year at a gala in Seattle, the incredibly talented […]

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Locale of Inspiration – The Cascades

The Cascades are my happy place; an old friend that always helps ground me.  Growing up in the Northwest the mountains are a constant presence.  Skiing in the fresh air, amongst the snow covered, but still green trees, or hiking to a pristine alpine lake, I leave able to breathe a bit more deeply. The […]

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Moss Agate Pendant Development

Developing a piece of jewelry is a different journey every time.  To create my moss agate pendant I first sketched the shape I wanted to see, an angular pendant that hung at a jaunty angle.     I wanted the gemstone to be edged in something textured.  I wasn’t sure if it would be in diamonds […]

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