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The Hair of Venus – Rutilated Quartz

A gemstone that has also been called the “Hair of Venus” can’t help but capture the imagination.  I am captivated by the needles within rutilated quartz that look like a goddess’s hair captured within a gemstone.  Just like hair, rutile needles can be golden, black, or red in color.   When I look at rutilated […]

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Locale of Inspiration – The Cascades

The Cascades are my happy place; an old friend that always helps ground me.  Growing up in the Northwest the mountains are a constant presence.  Skiing in the fresh air, amongst the snow covered, but still green trees, or hiking to a pristine alpine lake, I leave able to breathe a bit more deeply. The […]

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Moss Agate Pendant Development

Developing a piece of jewelry is a different journey every time.  To create my moss agate pendant I first sketched the shape I wanted to see, an angular pendant that hung at a jaunty angle.     I wanted the gemstone to be edged in something textured.  I wasn’t sure if it would be in diamonds […]

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