Which Watch? TIMELESS Watches at Ben Bridge Jeweler

Which Watch?

For five generations, Ben Bridge Jeweler has been dedicated to finding and sharing the most exciting watches in the world. We love watches because they combine art, history, and engineering into something useful you can wear every day. A great watch is enduring. Over time, it can become a symbol of your personal style and […]

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Design Evolution: Cascades Destination Jasper Pendant

I am particularly excited to introduce the new jasper pendant to the Cascades Destination because it has been a long time in development. I wanted to create a pendant that had the uniqueness of the moss agate pendant but had almost a scene inside of it. I first thought of “landscape agate” and tried to […]

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Multicolored Gemstones at Ben Bridge Jeweler

The Colors of the Holiday

When you think of the holiday season, what do you imagine? Frosted windowpanes, a dim room lit by soft candlelight, hustle and bustle, and family and friends? There is so much that goes into making a holiday season memorable, and one of the key factors is the magic of color. The typical colors of the […]

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