Alla’s Favorite Earrings

These threader earrings are some of my favorite earrings, even though they aren’t my normal style. I bought some after featuring them in an email campaign because I thought they looked so fun. When I put them on, the way they move reminds me of dancing. They actually inspired me to take a salsa class. […]

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Jewelry for an Active Mom Lifestyle

Being a mom of two young children, I feel accomplished when I get a chance to put my jewelry on before leaving the house. Because of that, I like jewelry pieces that are low maintenance, durable and can take some gentle (or not so gentle) love. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that […]

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Woman's hands gardening with ring on, the words "for life" on picture

More Perfect Over Time: The Ben Bridge Difference

At Ben Bridge, we believe jewelry is more than just an adornment. To us, it is a means of expression. Love, personality, history — fine jewelry embodies them all. And its meaning only grows with time. Our customers aren’t price shoppers looking for the cheapest deal. Instead, they’re looking for jewelry of exceptional quality and […]

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