Design Evolution: Cascades Destination Jasper Pendant

I am particularly excited to introduce the new jasper pendant to the Cascades Destination because it has been a long time in development. I wanted to create a pendant that had the uniqueness of the moss agate pendant but had almost a scene inside of it. I first thought of “landscape agate” and tried to […]

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multicolored gemstone jewelry

The Colors of the Holiday

When you think of the holiday season, what do you imagine? Frosted windowpanes, a dim room lit by soft candlelight, hustle and bustle, and family and friends? There is so much that goes into making a holiday season memorable, and one of the key factors is the magic of color. The typical colors of the […]

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proposal on the beach

The Third Step to Forever: The Proposal

Sure to be one of the most memorable events of your life, a marriage proposal is beautiful, special, intimate, and absolutely unforgettable. Because a marriage proposal is typically personalized to you and your partner, there are not many ways in which we can tell you how to propose. However, we have a few suggestions on […]

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