a man working on crafting a watch

Dedication to the Craft: Making a Watch

Dedication to the Craft: Making a Watch For more than 100 years, Ben Bridge Jeweler has been acclaimed for our attention to what matters most to our respected clientele: flawless customer care. So when it comes to watches, only the best watchmakers in the field will fit the bill, ensuring timely and professional service for […]

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woman dipping chip into salsa with black diamond ring on finger

Becca’s Black Diamond

My boyfriend and I used to work on the same block. Every Wednesday he would wait outside my office to walk me home. One day a black diamond ring caught my eye from a store window. I raved about it every following Wednesday on our way home, but never walked into the store. Fast forward […]

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woman eating chinese food wearing turquoise and black sapphire ring

Katie’s Turquoise Ring

My step-sister and I became family when we were already in college. Besides the holidays and occasional family gatherings, we really didn’t have the chance to get to know each other. It felt strange having a family member that felt so distant, but that was just the reality of attending colleges on two different coasts. […]

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