woman with morganite jewelry frosting pink cupcakes

Sarah’s Morganite Ring

Until recently, my job was always a means to an end. It paid the rent, put food on the table, but was never where my passion truly lay. My true love has always been art, yet owning an art studio always seemed like a pipe dream. So art stayed just a hobby for years, until […]

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woman with diamond wedding set gardening

Lisa’s Diamond Wedding Set

My husband asked me to marry him when we were on vacation in Scotland. We were so excited we decided to elope before returning to home. We didn’t have wedding bands so we ended up getting him a simple gold band at a small shop outside Edinburgh, and I just got married without one. Years […]

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woman wearing gold jewelry cracking egg into a bowl

Hayley’s Gold Bracelet

I am the youngest child in a big family so when I graduated from college, it was an exciting moment for my parents. Everyone had officially grown up! My entire family flew out to attend my graduation and my parents gave me this beaded gold bracelet as a graduation gift. Every time I wear it […]

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