What are Tahitian Pearls

Life isn’t always black and white; sometimes it calls for more color. That’s where Tahitian Pearls come in, they are famous for their exotic colors. And although people think of them as black pearls, they famously come in three main colors: Peacock, Aubergine and Pistachio. Tahitian pearls get their color from the oyster they are […]

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How to wear your pearls

Life already has enough rules; there shouldn’t be rules on how to wear jewelry. The best advice on how to wear your pearls is this: Put them on. If you feel beautiful, you’re doing it right. Pearls can dress up jeans and a T-shirt, but they also bring elegance to a simple black dress and […]

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man and woman engaged in cafe

The Fifth Step to Forever: What is a Wedding Band?

What is a Wedding Band? Now that you are happily engaged, the perfect ring properly placed on her beautiful finger, wedding planning has finally begun. One important step toward planning your wedding – and your future together – is finding the right wedding band. Similar to shopping for an engagement ring, you will likely want […]

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