mom with baby and pearl earrings

Caroline’s Pearl Earrings

These pearl earrings have become a right of passage in my family. My grandmother gave them to my mother in her teens; my mother handed them down to me on my 16th birthday; I plan to hand them down to my daughter when she turns 16. They have always made me feel grounded and more […]

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woman with dog and engagement ring

Erin’s Engagement Ring

My husband and I met in college when he was a senior and I was a freshman. We had a few mutual friends but didn’t end up hitting it off until 8 years later when we finally reconnected. When he asked me to marry him I couldn’t have been more surprised. I didn’t think he […]

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When and How to Wear Alexandrite

It is hard enough to decide what to wear on a daily basis – adding jewelry to the equation only increases that indecision. We all have the days when we are set on wearing our favorite pair of jeans but can’t find the jewelry to match – or vice versa. Some mornings, your pearls are […]

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