money jar with label "the ring"

The First Step to Forever: The Budget

So, you want to get married? There are a million things running through your mind when you think about getting married. When will you propose to your partner, how will you propose, will there be an audience, or do you prefer an intimate proposal? What kind of style does your partner have, what does he […]

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Source of Inspiration – Silver and Black Rhodium Rings

One of the things I was most fascinated by in Peru were the layers of architecture and culture that were apparent throughout stops on our journey.   In Cusco, there is a distinct line in the stonework of what is now the Church of Santo Domingo (originally the Inca temple Coricancha). The bottom layer are […]

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Locale of Inspiration – Peru

Sitting in my backyard one sunny Sunday afternoon, my friend Lauren and I began talking about our upcoming birthdays.  While I firmly believe that every birthday is important and worthy of celebration, we were on the verge of a big one-one, one that started a new decade. “What should we do to mark the moment?” […]

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