Rolex Cosmograph "Paul Newman" Daytona

Legendary Heritage: Growing More Valuable Over Time

While the things we acquire certainly grow in personal value over time, even a fine piece of workmanship with relatively humble beginnings can capture the imagination, becoming a truly iconic object. Below, five examples, from timepieces to malt whiskies to guitars, that have grown into milestone collectibles. Rolex Cosmograph “Paul Newman” Daytona In the beginning […]

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Picture of four gemstone pieces, two pendants and two rings for the Spark Trunk Show

The Spark Creations Trunk Show

A Very Special Event! For over 40 years, Spark Creations has been a leader in the most beautiful collections of precious jewelry. Spark Creations’ One-of-a-Kind Collection celebrates the exotic, distinct, and unique. Featuring a wide array of beautiful gemstones, we are proud to host Spark Creations at our one day only trunk show. Please join […]

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Two gold and diamond pendants next to one gold and diamond ring

The ASHI Trunk Show

A Very Special Event! Beautiful diamonds deserve to be celebrated, especially once clothed in exquisite gold. For decades, ASHI has been a premier designer of fine jewelry in North America. In their latest venture, ASHI unveils the High Jewelry Collection, a tribute to the natural elegance of diamonds. Please join us at our exclusive trunk […]

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