Picture of man touching smartwatch screen

A Smartwatch v. A Traditional Watch: What’s Best For You?

In the past few years, smartwatches have taken off. Every brand, including some of our favorite watch groups, are getting into the smart game. We get it. We are used to having the world in the palm of our hands these days — why not put on our wrists too? Smartwatches do everything from let […]

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A watch on man's wrist submerged in water

What Does “Water Resistant” Really Mean?

The terms “waterproof” and “water resistant” are thrown around quite a bit these days, but it is important to know exactly what that means. From iPhones to fine timepieces, knowing what the words mean — and what your device is capable of — will be a lifesaver. For watches, it is important to learn the […]

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green cloth cleaning watch case

How to Take Care of Your Watch: A Few Tips From the Pros

A timepiece stands for so much more than a device to check the date, or the hour. A timepiece represents history; a token of love and appreciation passed on from generation to generation. If your watch has a ton of sentimental value to it, or if you spent a decent amount of money on it, […]

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