Details of a Minute Repeater Timepiece

What is a Chronograph? The Most Popular Watch Terms Defined

Don’t know a chronometer from a chronograph? Our helpful glossary of essential horological terms to get yourself up to speed on the world of watches. Anti-reflection A film covering the sapphire crystal to eliminate light reflection, improving legibility. Anti-reflection functions best when applied to both sides of the crystal, but because it scratches, some manufacturers […]

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What Makes a Watch So Expensive? Exploring the Many Factors of a Timepiece

It is a common question among watch consumers, particularly people who are new to the world of watches. Why are watches so expensive? Like with most luxury items, there is a huge price range in timepieces. Some well-made and intricate watches are very expensive, and some are not. Since the question comes up so often, […]

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Closeup of Rolex Watch on Man's wrist

When, How, and What Kind of Watch? An Interview with Marc Bridge

Marc Bridge, Ben Bridge Jeweler’s Vice President of Marketing, is not only an experienced watch and jewelry industry professional — he is also a dyed-in-the-wool timepiece fanatic. He shares some insight about the allure of fine timepieces and why he loves them so much. Do you have any specific memories about when and how your […]

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